This project could be only realised by the support
of all guides, organisations and other participants.

We present you today a fabulous book, because all participants have accomplished ​​an important contribution to this book.

I say a special thanks for those which have believed from the outset in me and the project MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide.

New Zealand
North Island

Marlene und Craig Skeet - Fishing Guide, www.onecastadventures.co.nz

Ian Gibbs - Fishing Guide, www.bayofplentyflyfishingguide.co.nz

Russell Anderson - Fishing Guide, www.russellanderson.co.nz

Ray Port - Taxidermist, rport@xtra.co.nz

Ivan Leslie - Marketing Manager, Kilwell Sports LTD, www.kilwell.co.nz

Land Information New Zealand, www.linz.govt.nz

Department of Conservation, www.doc.govt.nz

Fish and Game - Officer, Mark Sherburn, www.fishandgame.org.nz

Doug und Bev Stevens, www.nzfishing.com

New Zealand
South Island

Steve Gerard - Flyshop NZ, www.flyshop.co.nz

Zane Mirfin - Fishing Guide, www.strikeadventure.com

Tony Entwistle - Fishing Guide, www.strikeadventure.com

Tony Pearce - Fishing Guide, www.llamatrailsnz.com

Brent Beadle - Fishing Guide, www.brentbeadle.com

Ampro Sales Ltd. - Memory Maps New Zealand, www.ampro.co.nz

BBH worldtraveller accommodation, www.bbh.co.nz


Lisa Hallmeier - Lector

Miriam Emrich - Travel companion und photo journalist


Patricia Magdalena Redlin - Translation - Editing - Proofreading

Fly Fishing Friends

I also thank my longtime friends Peter Grundmann and Gerson Pereira Kavamoto, with
whom I have fished the regions of New Zealand.

Each of them has by his enthusiasm for the New Zealand fly fisher world my life enriched,
and they gave me unforgettable moments that I will never forget.

Bild Peter Grundmann

Peter Grundmann Flagge Deutschland

Bild Gerson Peireira Kavamoto

Gerson P. Kavamoto Flag Brazil

Test Materials were provided by...

Simms - Flyfisheurope

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Temple Fork Outfitters


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