MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand

Trout & Fly Fishing Guide

This ebook is your great New Zealand - trout & fly fishing guide incl. travel information.

Get the most beautiful experience now!

Everything we present today, we have assembled for you with conviction and passion. It is the result of my experience over many years and the knowledge of many trout fishing guides. Moreover it's a community production of fly fishers, which have a fondness for trout fishing.

With over 300 images we present to you the diversity of New Zealand's trout fisheries. Let you inspired by trout fishing and nature images of New Zealand.

We show you 7 famous fishing regions, 2 in the north island and 5 in the south island, with about 100 photos of rivers and lakes and they are highlighted with GPS data.

In more than 40 chapters and fantastic travel stories you will find your way to New Zealand and through the backcountry.

You find also the right travel preparation, wonderful accommodations for low-cost and exclusive individual travelling.

We present to you 6 trout fishing guides stories about their life and my experience with them. Visit with me a fishing rods production company and let you show the right selection of flies.

Russell Anderson, one of the best fly tyer New Zealands gave us the best advises.

Get to know the Fish and Game association and his officer or the DOC-Department of Conservation. Professional advices from one of the best taxidermists for trout in New Zealand is included.

Furthermore you get many fantastic and valuable stories about the life of fly fisher. They are profound, funny and have something to do with my experience in New Zealand.

You also learn about your primal instincts as a fly fisher, and you can share them with your friends.



It's me, your Author!

My name is Stephan Janischewski I'm your author and I travel the islands of New Zealandfor about 10 years. There I spent a total of 2 years and learned about the exciting country, from the perspective of a fly fisherman and hiker.

At the age of 36 I took a break from my job in order to learn English and I travelled for the first time to the other side of the world, New Zealand. At this point I'd never dreamed that I would one day stand in front of you as an author.

This is probably owed to combination of different circumstances. But from then I took my life into my own hand. I took my live savings and invested in myself.

My current passion the fly fishing is due to a coincidence. But it was a friend with his nature, who brought me to enjoy this sport. The events of my life inspired me to create new, and to share my life with all fly fisher.

Therefore I have written the book MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide, which you hopefully will like.

I wish you much joy with the book.

Stephan Janischewski

Photo Journalists

Trout & fly fishing photos of our photo journalists!

My book MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide includes a variety of stories, experiences and information documentaries from the photos of the photo journalists who want to bring you closer to the beauty of New Zealand fly fishing.

This photo journalists are very connected to fly fishing. They show you the world through their eyes and keep them firmly in a short moment. It's a part of their soul as a fly fisher, which they want to share with you.

With their photos they want to mediate special emotions. The freedom, the climaxes of the life, adventures, the success, the community and our friendship to somebody.

For this book we have seen many thousands of photos and the best of them were provided for MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide provided.

Bild Russell Anderson

Russell Anderson
Flag New Zealand

Bild Marlene Skeet

Marlene Skeet
Flag New Zealand

Bild Craig Skeet

Craig Skeet
Flag New Zealand

Bild Zane Mirfin

Zane Mirfin
Flag New Zealand

Bild Craig Skeet

Tony Entwistle
Flag New Zealand

Bild Miriam Emrich

Miriam Emrich
Flagge Deutschland

Bild Gerson Peireira Kavamoto

Gerson P. Kavamoto
Flag Brazil

Bild Peter Grundmann

Peter Grundmann
Flagge Deutschland

Steve Gerard

Steve Gerard
Flag New Zealand

Bild Stephan Janischewski

Stephan Janischewski
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 Bild Stephan Janischewski


My message, my philosophy!

It was my main concern, my slogan "Sharing is the principle of my action" to follow and I want to share with you all my experiences.

In addition, I wanted to fulfill my obligation as a human being to do something for our environment and its living creatures. Because I think it is very important, at least once in lifetime to take a positive influence on our society and to contribute to this.

Through my book, MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide I now get that opportunity and can help you, your family, friends and those who do not have the opportunity to experience the world as I can, my dream country of New Zealand, through stories and photos, get closer.

So I would say in the course of this you can help her or him n the realization of their next long expecting trip to New Zealand.

Your Author

In my book, MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide you'll learn everything about the topic of Guiding!.

On my trips to New Zealand I had the pleasure to work together with the guides listed below and to document their work. This Guides and their stories can be found in my book.

Before my research for the book MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide, I hadn't booked any Guide for fly fishing. For this reason, I can say today that I have wasted a lot of time and money, to catch trout in New Zealand. My success has increased slowly.

In my opinion it's better to book a Guide and get a return for days or even weeks, as again and again to fish in troubled waters and wasting time.

Every professional angler who is in an unfamiliar area, should book a fly fishing Guide . So he can update his lack of knowledge as quickly as possible and meet its goal to increase the catch quota.

You should be able to use your precious time completely. I wish you a lot of fun with your hobby and in the nature of New Zealand.


Zane Mirfin - Fly Fishing is our Life!

The Marlborough Region has much to offer. This is the guiding area of Zane Mirfin, Strike Adeventure. Here the author caught a 6-pounder on a tributary of the Wairau River.


Tony Pearce - In our life we meet us hopefully twice!

You experience that what the „father with the son“ who looks „at friend with the friend“ or from the romantic side, the „man with his partner“ would like to experience here. Something which you will still remember for years...


Craig & Marlene Skeet - I am the river and the river, I am!

Craig Skeet is a former police officer, who specialized in saving lives and he found his passion for fly fishing and guiding many years ago. So people feel really safe in his presence. You will also feel this because he puts safety first in his work....


Ian Gibbs - The man who fought the fear!

Ian Gibbs is a full professional who has made it to himself his job to train his customers in all directions of the fly fishing. He owns a very good empathy, a lot of charm and a gigantic humor...


Russell Anderson - In my heart hits a 10 pounder!

You experience that what the „father with the son“ who looks „at friend with the friend“ or from the romantic side, the „man with his partner“ would like to experience here. Something which you will still remember for years...


Brent Beadle - On the hunt for the gold of the South!

I think to a really good fishing experience you need a trip by boat, kayak or Bellyboat. This tour will then quickly enrich your vacation because you can see the fishing world with different eyes and you can increase your chance of a capital fish...

Book project!

You want to start your own book project?

For the implementation of this book, from the first e-mail till publishing of my book:

MY DREAM FISH - New Zealand - Trout & Fly Fishing Guide.

I needed full 2 ​​years. Despite my skills, I could not imagine that I would need such a long time to complete this book project.

You really need to talk here of a project, because the amount of work, from research to final marketing of the book required a planning project.

I found myself in a variety of roles again, as a writer, photojournalist, media and web designer, project manager, founder and publisher. The influence of those involved and those who did not participate but disturbed this project, brought me to the limits.

But I can honestly say that I've learned a lot from this project for my life. Also, I do not want to miss all of these positive or negative stress. The final outcome and the possibilities of creative work were well worth all the difficult moments.

For those who want to develop once in a lifetime a great extraordinary book, with a lot of pages, I want to say one thing...

Good Luck...

or please feel free to contact me.

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