Exclusive Private Consultation

Looking for an exclusive travel advice for destination New Zealand?

Whether you need just a little bit of information for which we should do some research or you want to plan your entire itinerary,

Here you are exactly right!

Regardless of any operators, we have set ourselves the task to plan your trip to New Zealand. Sometimes it is the result of your fantasy and we realize it for you.

We will plan your individual and exclusive itinerary, according to your wishes and inclinations..

Then you can start your leisurely journey and look forward to the highlights of New Zealand.

In addition, we offer you something extraordinary!

If you have returned to your country and your experiences will always remain unforgettable, we turn your stories and photographs of the images on your journey, into your individual, own New Zealand adventure travel book.

Upon request, this is provided by the author with an inscription and signed.

If you want it or it is necessary, we can also incorporate photos from our agency database in your New Zealand adventure travel book.

Of course it is also possible to create a number of books for you to get you to give your close associates..

Your advantage:

  1. - Exclusive, professional travel advice.
  2. - Precise planning and implementation of travel.
  3. - Nothing is left to chance.
  4. - Your precious time is filled with active lives and experiences.
  5. - The environment of your society can be tailored to your needs!
  6. - Your journey will be brought to the point.
  7. - You do not have to worry about photos if you do not want it.
  8. - You get your own very high quality travel documentation, is unique.
  9. - We give you plenty of room for spontaneous changes in your travel planning.
  10. - Your itinerary will be planned independently.
  11. - Of course, you can book your travel individually.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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